Monday, 29 December 2008

Erne Fish in

Monday, 29th December
25 members met in Enniskillen today for RA111's 5th fish in of the season, nearly everyone enjoyed some sort of action although Ian (Crazy Piker) Coulter topped the bill with a fine 22lb 12oz Specimen falling to a float trolled Roach , there were 5 other doubles caught as folllows, Neil Todd 15lb, Keith 14lb, 10lb, Colin hayes 12lb, Robbie Marsh 11lb, Micky McKenna 10lb and several fish under 10lb boated by most.

Just like to thank all the members that turned up and another special thanks the Gerry for the bbq and organising the event, it just wouldn't be the same without it.

Monday, 22 December 2008

New PB for Grooner

Monday, 22nd December

After a difficult start to the season Grooner's (Hugh Rooney) persistance has finally paid off, in his own words:
"With the baits getting no attention at this particular spot, we upped the lines and went "round the corner" to give it a try. Again we thought it was another barren area, when at 2ish my float plopped under and line pulled from my reel (set in baitrunner mode).

First glance at the fish we knew she was a beauty, after 3-4 powerful runs for freedom Patrick professionally and perfectly had her in the net for me (Cheers bro ). After unhooking her and placing her in the sling (thinking of last Sunday after missing out by 8oz) , I wondered could this be it After a double check and deducting 1lb 9oz for the sling this was the result, a fine fish of 21.06 HAPPY DAYS.

After all together hundreds of fish hours and miles traveled I am now privelged to be a member of that elusive and exclusive "20 club"

New PB for the RA111's Mascot

Saturday, 13th December

Known as JNR to most Colin Uprichard is our latest member to catch his first 20lb+ specimen on a lure, he tempted the fine fish on a cast bulldawg. but it doesn't stop there on his next outing he managed another fine fish of 22.05lb caught on the same method which now stands as his pb. I asked his brother to say a few words but he refused to comment.....

Neville Fickling Presents

Thursday, 8th January 2009

Neville Fickling is only three 20s away from being the first recorded Piker to have reached the magical 400th mark, one of the most respected anglers his witty sense of humour is not to be missed on what promises to be another memorable evening with RA111.

George Higgins Success

Thursday, 4th December

RA111 enjoyed their first talk this evening conducted by the legendary George Higgins and what a success it turned out to be, around 60 like minded Pike anglers turned out to watch in ore as George stood tall amongst some of Irelands finest. Not only did the PAC gain new members but there were a few bridges rebuilt along the way.

The Committee and RA111 members would like to thank George for giving up his spare time to share with us some of his most memorable memories.